Recommended by 5 out of 5 reviewers.
Recommended By Elliott | March 29 2014 4:46 PM
I love my ClaritySV with Wing-X but I'm loving Garmin Pilot a little more now that it supports synthetic vision. Please contact Garmin to see if they will support Clarity SV. The Garmin GDL39 3D ADS-B with attitude is the only choice for Garmin Pilot software right now.

Recommended By Mike | February 18 2014 8:44 AM
I have had my sv for about 3 months with fly q app on my ipad mini. I just got back from a cross country from Denver to Oklahoma City. The unit only gave me winds aloft. I never saw any display of satellite or radar. Anybody know why?

Recommended By Mayday | February 14 2014 11:20 AM
Hello, I have a Clarity SV that I pair with WingX on my ipad and recently made a flight to Salem Oregon from Seattle while using it, while using it I noticed an aircraft in my proximity for the entire flight and after troubleshooting determined it to be my own aircraft showing up on the WingX software, it was a little disturbing thinking another plane was so close and I could not locate it, is there a setting to eliminate this? Another issue on the way home from Salem essentially reversed the direction I was heading displayed on the map, I had to reboot the device, and finally the last flight I made from Boeing to Jefferson County the synthetic vision flipped mid flight and indicated my banking in the exact OPPOSITE of the direction I was turning, I had to turn off the device (reboot) in order to have it indicate my correct banking attitude, luckily I was in clear weather and it was an easy fix, but it could have been very confusing and time consuming if it occurred during the night or while flying in IFR conditions, I don't know if these are known issues but thought they should be brought up considering it is a navigation/traffic device, of course I only use it for reference while flying.
Thank you,
Scott Bullene

Recommended By Rocky | February 05 2014 11:18 AM
I had the overheating problem going on in the beginning but now I just turn it on and set it on the floor. It seems to work just as well with reception in both the 421 and A36

Recommended By Frank | January 08 2014 8:09 PM
I've grown to not ever fly without my Clarity SV. Coupled with WingX Pro and the package is a no brainer. Situational awareness gained from the Clarity is simply outstanding.

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Clarity SV


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Our most popular model.
Full Air-to-Air Traffic and Synthetic Vision AHRS to enable your 3D Synthetic Vision app.  Includes GPS, Wi-Fi and Free Inflight NEXRAD Radar, Weather, NOTAM’s etc. (FIS-B). Traffic capability has limitations. For those who enjoy the very best.

This is where you choose safety. As pilots with families, we set out to maximize peace of mind using our core competency of high performance, miniature, tightly integrated RF and motion sensing technology design. Clarity’s elegance comes from the merging of performance and simplicity. Clarity is compatible with so many apps, it’s sure to satisfy your needs regardless of how your software choices change.

AOPA - FlyQ EFB (next release)
Hilton Software - WingX Pro7
SkyVision Extreme - Xtreme Vision 3D
BendixKing- MyWingMan
PCAvionics - MountainScope 
Flight Plan -
X Avionics - Xavion
AvSoft Inc - AvPlan EFB
Adventure Pilot - iFly 720 FL11B
AnyWhere Education - eKneeboard

Compatibility coming soon:
Global Nav Source - EFB
Excentra Solutions - Class 1
CloudAhoy, Inc - CloudAhoy
Airguide Publications Inc.- Flight Guide iEFB
Size and Weight:  2.5” x 2.5” x 1.5"  /  5.5 ounces

Product Contents: Clarity unit, gel pad, user's guide, sun shade, USB cable and wall charger.

Long Life Internal Battery

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Specifications subject to change

Part Number: CL02

Clarity SV
Clarity SV facilitates your 3D Synthetic Vision app by providing essential pitch-roll-heading data. Clarity SV has all the features as Clarity, but also includes an Altitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) comprising of a 9-dof (degree of freedom) sensor suite, and a sophisticated Extended Kalman Filter signal processing module. These work together to continually sense and calculate your aircraft pitch, roll, and yaw altitude which are then transmitted to your iPad/Tablet Synthetic Vision app to present a virtual reality representation of your surrounding environment.  Clarity SV is not a certified product and should never be used as a primary flight instrument.
Clarity SV includes a high precision WAAS GPS receiver, an internal 6-8 hour battery, and inflight FIS-B (weather radar, forecasts, NOTAMS, etc.), all free of subscription fees.  TIS-B (traffic) data received is passed along to your iPad/Tablet computer over a multi-device WiFi connection, but TIS-B traffic rebroadcast isn’t available unless your airplane is equipped with ADS-B Out.  Clarity is not an ADS-B Out device.
Featuring Sagetech’s Proprietary Technology:
Data Burst Technology Clarity is the only ADS-B Receiver that buffers data while your iPad sleeps. You’ll have the information you need, when you need it.

Sagetech360 Phased-Array Antenna Technology
Pilots feel safer with better situational awareness with Clarity because of its superior receiver and antenna design creating excellent omnidirectional performance from an internal antenna. Family members feel good knowing loved ones aloft have the very best. Clarity offers excellent situational awareness augmentation, but the information provided does not qualify as official flight planning information.
Traffic Limitations: Clarity is an ADS-B receiver that receives some traffic information, but not all. Clarity is not certified and thus should not be used as a primary or backup flight instrument, or as a means of traffic detection, separation, or collision avoidance. Users assume all risk associated with its use.

This system incorporates elements of the UBR Technology developed by The MITRE Corporation on behalf of the U.S. Government.

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