Clarity Family of ADS-B Products

Welcome to the Next Generation of Safety. Clarity offers an easy and affordable way to benefit from all the advantages of ADS-B technology. With Clarity, you'll enjoy increased situational awareness and the simplicity of a single button. Once more, you won't pay a penny in subscription fees. Clarity delivers behind-the-scenes sophistication in a sleek, elegant design. Be Safe with Clarity.

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  Data Only Data w/Synthetic Vision AHRS
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978 MHz UAT Data
   FIS-B Traffic - Weather, NOTAMS, etc.
   TIS-B Traffic - limitations

   Air-to-Air Traffic from other ADS-B Out equipped aircraft on 978 MHz only
1090 MHz UAT Data
   TIS-B Traffic
- limitations

   Air-to-Air Traffic from all other ADS-B Out equipped aircraft (both 1090MHz and 978 MHz)
Synthetic Vision AHRS
   Altitude Heading Reference System for 3D Synthetic Vision
Long Life Internal Battery 6-8 Hours 6-8 Hours
Common Features

Data Burst Technology - Patent Pending
Clarity stores ADS-B messages while your iPad sleeps. When you run your descent checklist, turn on your iPad and simply touch Clarity's power button to activate Clarity's Data-Burst function, which transmits stored weather and FIS-B data.  You'll have the information you need, when you need it.  Descent Checklist Complete. 
Sagetech360 Internal Phased Array Antenna - Patent Pending
Only Clarity employs a sophisticated multi-element internal antenna, shown in RF Test Labs to provide excellent omnidirectional sensitivity. That means you'll safely receive data even from ADS-B ground stations behind you.

Wide Area Augmentation System provides differential GPS signals across the entire country for exquisite GPS performance accuracy.  Clarity’s 66 channel GPS receiver tracks more simultaneous satellites for better location performance.
Wi-Fi connection to iPad/Tablet
Supports new “Wi-Fi /n” for lower power consumption and compatibility well into the future.
Sagetech Quality
Sagetech grew up designing and building avionics for small UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles a.k.a. "drones"). We've applied our legendary miniaturization and quality core competencies to Clarity. 
Show Technical Specifications
Specifications are subject to change  without notice. Clarity Clarity SV
  978 MHz UAT Receiver

 -91 dBm
  1090 MHz ADS-B Receiver

A0:-72 dBm

A0:-72 dBm
  Internal Antenna Array
(Patent Pending)
Electrical Length
Circumferential Gain Variation

3 Elements
34 deg @ 978MHz, 38 deg @ 1090MHz
-2 dBm
±5 dBm
  Data Burst Technology
(Patent Pending)
Buffer Size
Approx. 5,000 Messages
  Traffic Target Tracking 100 Tracks
  GPS Receiver
5 Hz, 66 channels, WAAS
  Tablet Communications 802.11 b/g/n/ Wi-Fi
Angular Rate Gyro
Attitude Accuracy

Not Included

3 axis, ±495 deg/sec
3 axis,
±5 g
3 axis,
±1.5 Gauss
2 deg Pitch/Roll, 5 deg Heading
  Physical / Power
  Supply Voltage
Wall Charger
5V, USB micro connector included. 110-250V, 50-60Hz to 5V USB Adapter
  Power Consumption 2.4 W 2.4 W
  Internal Battery 4400mA-Hr Lithium Polymer
6-8 Hours 6-8 Hours
Recharge Time
4-8 Hours Charges (faster at cooler temperatures)
  Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 in    (64 x 64 x 38mm)
  Weight 5.5 oz  (156g) 5.5 oz  (156g)
  Operating Temperature
  Charging Temperature
-10 to +45°C  (14 to 113°F)
 0 to +35°C  (32 to  95°F) (Charges faster at cooler temperatures)
  Storage Temperature -10 to +50°C  (14 to 122°F)
  Humidity 95%, non-condensing

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) App Compatibility: AOPA - FlyQ EFB   l   Hilton Software - WingX Pro7   l   BendixKing- MyWingMan   l   Excentra Solutions - Class 1   l   Flight Plan -   l   SkyVision Extreme - Xtreme Vision 3D   l   PCAvionics - MountainScope   l   X Avionics - Xavion   l  AvSoft Inc - AvPlan EFB   l   Adventure Pilot – iFly 720 FL11B   l    AnyWhere Education-eKneeboard

Compatibility Coming Soon: Airguide Publications Inc. - Flight Guide iEFB   l   Global Nav Source - EFB   l   CloudAhoy, Inc - CloudAhoy  read more about compatibility

Whether you choose the future benefits of air-to-air ADS-B Out traffic with Clarity, or the incredible utility full-featured Synthetic Vision AHRS with Clarity SV, you’ll rest easy knowing you have selected the finest ADS-B receiver in the world. After all, quality is what really counts: At the end of the day, you want to land safely, feeling good about your flight. Be safe with Clarity.

FAA - ADS-B Advisory Services Map

               FAA NextGen Technologies Interactive Map

               This system incorporates elements of the UBR Technology developed by The MITRE Corporation on behalf of the U.S. Government.